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What distinguishes Xendurance from other sports nutrition companies is that the showcase product, Extreme Endurance, has a published, Gold-Standard, third party, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study backing up claims of 15% reduction in lactic acid and a double digit increase in aerobic threshold. Many companies make substantial claims on individual ingredients, but Extreme Endurance has a published study on the complete formula, not just the ingredients. “Third party" testing is also important because it means that Lifespan International did not know or hire the actual facility that did the testing therefore no bias was influencing the outcome of the study.

Xendurance continues to provide research and studies that prove their products are very effective.

Earn a steady source of revenue while you help your members perform at their best while reducing muscle soreness and pain. Our dedicated reps will spend "All Day" at your affiliate educating athletes/members on the benefits of using Xendurance products.

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