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Posted By: Rodney Bowen
The Xendurance team is thrilled to share the below press release that announces the achievement of our sponsored athletes, Michael Moseley along with his deputy partners.

**** Pima County Sheriff's Department ****

On April 20, 2015, deputies from the Foothills Patrol District responded to a call for help involving a domestic violence altercation. The suspect was said to be in possession of a small handgun concealed under his shirt as he fled the scene before deputies could arrive.

Responding deputies located the suspect on Romero Road with what appeared to be a small handgun in his waistband. The suspect ignored commands to stop and continued to flee from deputies while making his way toward a nearby elementary school.

The school went on lock down and containment was set up in order to begin a focused search for the armed suspect. During the search, the suspect was again seen brandishing the handgun in an alley near the school. Deputies Timothy Bingham, Michael Moseley, David Obral, and Daniel Ruiz responded to the alley which was known to empty into the school parking lot.

There were only seconds to plan how to capture this dangerous suspect who was no longer running away, but walking down the alley toward the school. The deputies had to go down the narrow alley on foot with no cover or concealment from their vehicles. Each deputy knew they would be exposed to the armed suspect as they approached him in the alley.

The suspect got closer to the school parking lot and it was feared an unsuspecting child or staff member may encounter him. With the school as a backdrop, it made the use of force challenging for fear a child may get caught in the crossfire. Every time the suspect turned away, the four deputies would rapidly advance. Upon turning his back to the deputies one last time, they were able to get within ten feet. When the suspect turned around with the handgun still pointed at his head, he was startled to see the four determined deputies so close.

Deputies Bingham, Moseley, Obral, and Ruiz continued to give commands to the suspect to drop the weapon and discovered the handgun was actually two folding knives held together to resemble a gun. The suspect was startled, dropped the knives, and was taken into custody. The suspect made it known he wished to be shot and asked why the deputies had not shot him.

They gave commands for the suspect to stop and to drop the weapon to the ground. The suspect did not comply and continued toward the school, and pointed the handgun at his head. The suspect stopped to turn and face the deputies while still holding the gun to his head on several occasions.

During this entire incident, the deputies displayed tremendous courage and character while placing their own well-being at risk in order to serve our community and the innocent victims this suspect could have encountered. Their actions while in the face of danger, exemplified what it means to be a true public servant.

Great job everyone!


Posted By: Rodney Bowen
Whether your hitting the cross-functional training circuit that includes a powerful launch into jump lunges, burpees, jump squats, mountain climbers or possibly considering to push yourself through FRAN, the right sports nutrition supplements can become the make-it-or-break-it component that takes your endurance training and performance further.

Xendurance works hard to create an assortment of endurance sports supplements to meet your endurance training and performance demands. By doing so, we stand ready to deliver some of the industry's best endurance supplements for athletes, like you, who spend hours on end doing what you do: running, biking, lifting, etc. The sheer volume of your training demands your body to respond, and we understand that in order to create solid supplement solutions to help you physically during the extreme training, so you may apply focus on your mental and emotional.

Our scientifically proven products provide you the nutritents to boost your performance while they help to ease your recovery, so you may push yourself forward to set new personal records.

Here's a few of our sports nutrition supplements and a few endurance athletes who use them:

Extreme Endurance | Buffer Lactic Acid, Improve Aerobic Threshold|Extreme Endurance is proven to stop muscle burn and muscle trauma while it substantially reduces rhabdomyolysis (Rhabdo).
Extreme Endurance is a favorite of:

  • Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
  • Josh Bridges
  • Timo Bracht
  • Michael Moseley
  • Jeff Evans
  • Sloane Sapan
  • Jordan McNamara
  • Wayne Willette
  • Jessica Fitzgibbons
  • Lorin Adams

Xendurance Protein Nutrition of the Day Protein is the perfect post-training and recovery drink.
Xendurance's Protein is a favorite of:

  • Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
  • Josh Bridges
  • Timo Bracht
  • Michael Moseley
  • Jeff Evans
  • Jordan McNamara
  • Wayne Willette
  • Jessica Fitzbiggons

Creatine-JB Josh BridgesJosh Bridge's Creatine - JB uses only Creapure, 100% pure, creatine monohydrate, thus allowing muscles to quickly absorb and utilize creatine faster.
Creatine-JB is a favorite of:

  • Josh Bridges
  • Jessica Fitzbiggons
  • Lorin Adams
  • August Schmidt

Extreme Hydro-X Extreme Hydro-X is an energy, hydration drink that breaks new ground in the area of energy, cramping protection and recovery.
Extreme Hydro-X is a favorite of:

  • Sloane Sapan
  • Jessica Fitzbiggons
  • Lorin Adams

Xendurance_Immunce Boost sport nutrition product Immune Boost is a daily, power-packed, multi-vitamin for men & women. The supplement is optimally formulated to help nourish cells, tissues and body organs against damaging free radical attacks.
Immune Boost is a favorite of:

  • Camilla Lindholm
  • Charisa Wernick
  • Nick Baldwin
  • Lee Rodgers

Xendurance _ Omega anti inflammatory supplement Omega (anti-inflammatory) that promotes cardiovascular health and wellness and reduces inflammation from arthritis and better joint function.
Omega is a favorite of:

  • August Schmidt
  • Camilla Lindholm
  • Charisa Wernick
  • Nick Baldwin

Posted By: Rodney Bowen
Operating to provide the best sport nutrition supplements to cross functional athletes, the Xenurance team understands that you demands pure, wholesome products that can quickly and successfully deliver the athlete's desired results. Our team works hard to progressively develop the performance-based sports nutrition supplements that you value.

In our tireless work to exceed your expectations, we are do enjoy those moments throughout the year when we can pause celebrate with you. We love to hear how our products are helping athletes like you, who are looking to strengthen your performance and better personal records.

We are so grateful and count it a privilege to serve you.

Here are just a few of your voices from this year..

Featured Sports Nutritional Reviews via The Happy Athlete

Selecting products for their quality, reliability and innovative features to improve your heath, The Happy Athlete recently recognized Fuel 5 as one of its top fitness products for 2015. We are so thankful for such a great recommendation.

"The Fuel 5 has the nutritional ingredients that your body needs while exercising and was developed through CrossFit champions and functional athletes…Fuel 5 is an excellent performance product pre- and post- recovery drink that is effective to sustain energy and reduce muscular soreness."

Creatine JB Review by The RX Review

"It wasn't until I bought Josh Bridges' creatine, Creatine-JB by Xendurance, on a whim at the 2014 CrossFit Games, that I truly noticed a difference in my performance."

"When I first started taking Creatine-JB, I had just started returning to full-time training after a three month break…I was mentally preparing to feel the kind of pain I felt in my first few weeks of Crossfit, but it never came…I was recovering faster, and surprisingly, I started to see gains within weeks of my returning to my CrossFit box."

Thoughts from Muscle and Lungs Crossfit about Xendurance

"Extreme Endurance - is essentially a lactic acid shield that claims to increase aerobic threshold and reduce lactic acid by as much as 15% during training and workouts. It mainly allows you to workout harder and faster by reducing muscle burn and pain during workouts, and speeding up recovery outside of training."

"I feel it really makes you recover faster. I actually do not feel that sore after brutal workouts like I used to. That way I can get back to training faster." - Will Erasmus

"Creatine JB is a 100% pure creatine monohydrate along with plenty of energy-enriched lactate, this formula helps maximize the benefits of a workout with just 10 calories per serving and no GMS, preservatives or gluten. This can improve recovery time, delveopment of lean body mass, muscle endurance and overall energy."

"I've been using this product for a while and one of the great aspects of thsi product is that it does not make me feel bloated and have not seen signs of retainig writer. …I have been feeling more energized nd it helps me recover faster during workouts." -Will Erasmus

Extreme Endurnace Tried & Tested by Triathlete-Europe

"Xendurance does make a big difference in maintaining consistency and helping to nail your sessions day in and day out through markedly reducing muslce soreness…allows you to compete each sessions better, whether that's multiple sessions in one day or just backing up day after day.."

Posted By: Rodney Bowen

Anthony Birchak chooses Xendurance sport nutrition supplements for recovery"Last week of #UFC#ufcfightnight77 fight camp and the muscles are recovering and repairing thanks to @xendurance #Xendurance has made a huge difference in my training sessions.

I take 3 in the morning and 3 before bed and wake up with NO soreness whatsoever from the grueling day before making it so I can push to my breaking point day in and out getting 1% better daily!"

-Anthony Birchak

Anthony "El Toro" Birchak is a 12-2 Professional UFC 135lb Bantamweight MMA Fighter from Tucson, Arizona USA. | 2013 MMA World champ * BJJ World Silver Medalist Wrestling * Pro MMA Record 12-2

Posted By: Rodney Bowen

Xendurance sports nutrition supplements now on Amazon

Ordering your favorite sports nutrition products by Xendurance just became easier!

Discover the best in sports nutrition supplements that are helping professional and
amateur athletes set new personal records. Xendurance is now available on Amazon!

Xendurance_Fuel 5 Sports Nutrition Product
Xendurance | Fuel-5
Fuel your body with the best workout fuel (berry blend)

5 forms of fuel
4 carbohydrate fuel sources & lactate
Organic Sweet Potato used in proprietary blend
Energy, carbohydrate blend to help stabilize blood sugar during exercise
Electrolytes and vitamins B6 & B12 to assist recovery
Helps to eliminate cramping and muscle burn

Xendurance_Extreme Endurance sports nutrition product
Extreme Endurance
Buffer Lactic Acid, Improve Aerobic Threshold

Clinically proven to reduce lactic acid by 15%
Speeds Recovery
Improve Aerobic Threshold by Double Digits
Benefits within 72 hours
Reduce Muscle Soreness

Xendurance_Creatine-JB (Josh Bridges) sports nutrition product
Josh Bridges' Creatine-JB with Creapure (Josh Bridges)

100% Pure Creatine
1000mg of Lactate
Increase Strength & Power
Increase Energy & Speed Recovery

Xendrance sport nutrition products and supplements on Amazon
Shop Xendurance on Today!

Posted By: Rodney Bowen
Xendurance Protein is among the most inclusive recovery products on the market.

Formulated for greatness. Xendurance recovery protein helps support your new lean muscle growth with its 18 amino acid profile combined with four types of protein and lactate. All of this so that as one training day ends and the preparation for another begins, the specially formulated Xendurance Protein drink sets your athlete's body up to perform, recover, and rebuild stronger.

Xendurance Protein benefits both before and after a workout!

  • Pre Workout = Lactate (Energy) and Protein to Fuel Performance
  • Post Workout = Protein & Lactate (Energy) to Replenish and Refuel

Our chocolate Protein is a blend of Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Micellar Casein and Calcium Caseinate that contains an 18 amino acid profile. Produced with cold process filtration, this product is created to be at its most bio-available and digestible form.

You simply mix a 30g scoop of protein with 3-4oz of water or milk about 90 minutes before a workout can deliver a lactate driven carbohydrate fuel boost to keep you at peak energy. And then when your training is done, you may simply mix another scoop with 6-8oz of milk for a protein-rich muscle recovery drink.

Each container of Xendurance Chocolate Protein includes 30 servings of the energy mix, with a chocolate taste that goes down easy.


• Energy and Recovery Drink Mix
• 30g per serving, 30 servings per bag
• 20g Whey Protein
• 1500mg Lactate
• 100% daily B6, B12, Vitamin D
• Gluten-free
• Flavor: Chocolate

And as a friendly reminder of all our Xendurance products:
Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Fructose Free, Sucralose Free, No Soy Ingredients, No Corn Ingredients.

We won't sacrifice your health for cheap or dangerous ingredients.


[image courtesy of]

Posted By: Rodney Bowen
Our first responsibility and passion at Xendurance is to the athlete, to you.

We founded Xendurance on the idea that we can use high quality ingredients with clinically proven product formulas to help you reach your potential. We believe you can run faster, lift heavier, go farther. We believe that showing up and doing your best counts as a win. We believe your PB is not always your PR. We believe you should be having fun with your fitness. We believe in testing, re-testing, and testing again. We believe in integrity and honesty. We believe in hustle. We believe if you work hard you will always be better than you were yesterday. We truly believe that your only limits are self imposed.

Get out there and do great things.

The harder the climb, the better the view.
Get there fast..(with Georganne Moline)

Our speed and endurance roots run deep.
Trusted by athletes worldwide.

Get out there! #Xendurance

Rise and Grind #Fuel5

Get out there and do great things.

Posted By: Rodney Bowen
"The Xendurance product line is crucial to the wellbeing of our business and adds value to our members and competitive athletes." - August Schmidt Owner of East Valley CrossFit and Iron Athlete, Chandler, AZ

Xendurance understand the importance to genuinely connecting with our Crossfit box partners.

As August Schmidt experienced while our representative (Zac) was in August's East Valley Crossfit gym, Zac made time to spend the whole day. Zac sampled products for all Augusts' members. "That's really valuable to us because what it does is:

* exposes our members to the Xendurance product line,
* educates them on the benefit of it,
* highlights the difference between Xendurance and the other product lines that are available.
August continues, "Retail is a big part of our business model. The Xendurance product line has been the cornerstone of our retail since the start. The Xendurance Wholesale program is crucial to the well-being of our business overall. The program also adds a lot of value to our members and is very helpful to our competitive athletes as it provides access to the Xendurance's lactic acid buffer, to the creatine, to the protein, to the hyrdo….the full product line is very helpful to our members and our competitive athletes."

Like East Valley Crossfit, you too can earn a steady source of revenue while you help your members perform at their best. Contact us today to schedule an Xendurance rep to visit your gym for a full day educating your members and athletes on the benefits of using Xendurance products.


August Schmidt is the owner and head coach at East Valley CrossFit located in Chandler, Arizona. His team qualified for the 2014 CrossFit Games.

In addition to East Valley CrossFit, August is the founder of Iron Athlete Clinics. August was introduced to Extreme Endurance in December of 2011. A week after being introduced to Extreme Endurance he competed in the Winter Open in Prescott, Arizona. The benefits of Extreme Endurance were immediately evident, August's been a proponent of Extreme Endurance ever since.

Posted By: Rodney Bowen
Sandy Kellin, owner of Xendurance explains Extreme Endurance

You hear about lactic acid. Lactic Acid is one part lactate and another part acid. Within the two, we have this hydrogen ion that is an acid.

In our work to create an impactful product, we knew we would need to reduce that hydrogen ion. And, we did. Within Extreme Endurance, we were able to successfully reduce that hydrogen ion - that acid - by 15%!

In doing so, athletes bodies are just able to do more that before Extreme Endurance. And another great think about this product is the recovery athletes are going to have.

You're going to be fresher in recovery.
You're going to have a lot less muscle soreness.
Athletes tell us that Extreme Endurance is just a product that once they use it, they will never train again without it. We are very thankful to have created such a supplement to help these champions excel and win. I encourage you to give it a try, too.

Everyday, like a multi-vitamin, you simply take:
3 tablets in the morning
3 tablets in the evening

If you are training four or more times a week, you take it every day all season long. It's that simple. Then as you move to a week to ten days before your next big event, race or competition, you will want to begin taking 4 tablets in the morning and then 4 tablets in the evening.

One thing we discovered about this product, it works so well that all of our professional athletes simply would not talk about it. They just did not want their competition to know.

Extreme Endurance Successes:

Timo Bracht went out and shattered the Frankfurt Ironman record. In front of a half million fans, he ran this second biggest ironman in the world in under eight hours.

Extreme Endurance is certified drug free and been used to help world-renowned athletes win gold medals in the;
2008 Summer Olympic Games (Beijing, China)
2010 Winter Olympic Games (Vancouver, British Columbia)
2012 Summer Olympic Games (London, England)
Trust me, Extreme Endurance is something you can use safely every day just like your multi-vitamin.

I encourage you to give it a try.

Posted By: Rodney Bowen
You have trained, suffered, and sacrificed. Tears have been shed, blood spilled. You have won, and you have been beat. You are constantly getting better, running faster, lifting more. But that's not enough; you want more power, more endurance, more speed.

Let Xendurance help you break through that wall and meet your fitness goals.

Can you imagine a race with no cramps?

Would you value a scientifically-proven product that
reduces lactic acid by 15%,
reduces muscle soreness,
improves aerobic threshold?

Extreme Endurance is a revolutionary athletic performance formula created by athletes for athletes. Our nutritional supplement is used by elite endurance athletes all over the world. Our Extreme Endurance supplement provides a calculated blend of natural muscle based chemicals tailored in dose to your activity; and as it has delivered to so many of our endurance athletes, Extreme Endurance can also take your fitness to the next level with its published, gold standard, third party, double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover study that proves its amazing performance and recovery capabilities.

Athletes from various sports value Xendurance's all natural, drug-free product approach, which maximizes the athlete's endurance performance by improving both aerobic and lactic acid threshold.

Our team at Xendurance is thrilled to help our champion athletes prepare, perform, and recover during their more difficult training and competition. With Extreme Endurance, athletes may become the best that they have trained to be by permitting them to workout harder and faster while Extreme Endurance reduces the muscle burn and then speeds recovery outside their training.

Extreme Endurance Advantages:

  • Clinically Proven to Reduce Lactic Acid by 15%
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Improve Aerobic Threshold by Double Digits
  • Benefits Within 72 Hours
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness
  • Certified Drug-Free

For anyone who pushes through training or competition in any sport, Xendurance is definitely a nutritional supplement that is well worth a look.


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