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Posted By: Rodney Bowen
Sandy Kellin, owner of Xendurance explains Extreme Endurance

You hear about lactic acid. Lactic Acid is one part lactate and another part acid. Within the two, we have this hydrogen ion that is an acid.

In our work to create an impactful product, we knew we would need to reduce that hydrogen ion. And, we did. Within Extreme Endurance, we were able to successfully reduce that hydrogen ion - that acid - by 15%!

In doing so, athletes bodies are just able to do more that before Extreme Endurance. And another great think about this product is the recovery athletes are going to have.

You're going to be fresher in recovery.
You're going to have a lot less muscle soreness.
Athletes tell us that Extreme Endurance is just a product that once they use it, they will never train again without it. We are very thankful to have created such a supplement to help these champions excel and win. I encourage you to give it a try, too.

Everyday, like a multi-vitamin, you simply take:
3 tablets in the morning
3 tablets in the evening

If you are training four or more times a week, you take it every day all season long. It's that simple. Then as you move to a week to ten days before your next big event, race or competition, you will want to begin taking 4 tablets in the morning and then 4 tablets in the evening.

One thing we discovered about this product, it works so well that all of our professional athletes simply would not talk about it. They just did not want their competition to know.

Extreme Endurance Successes:

Timo Bracht went out and shattered the Frankfurt Ironman record. In front of a half million fans, he ran this second biggest ironman in the world in under eight hours.

Extreme Endurance is certified drug free and been used to help world-renowned athletes win gold medals in the;
2008 Summer Olympic Games (Beijing, China)
2010 Winter Olympic Games (Vancouver, British Columbia)
2012 Summer Olympic Games (London, England)
Trust me, Extreme Endurance is something you can use safely every day just like your multi-vitamin.

I encourage you to give it a try.

Posted By: Rodney Bowen
You have trained, suffered, and sacrificed. Tears have been shed, blood spilled. You have won, and you have been beat. You are constantly getting better, running faster, lifting more. But that's not enough; you want more power, more endurance, more speed.

Let Xendurance help you break through that wall and meet your fitness goals.

Can you imagine a race with no cramps?

Would you value a scientifically-proven product that
reduces lactic acid by 15%,
reduces muscle soreness,
improves aerobic threshold?

Extreme Endurance is a revolutionary athletic performance formula created by athletes for athletes. Our nutritional supplement is used by elite endurance athletes all over the world. Our Extreme Endurance supplement provides a calculated blend of natural muscle based chemicals tailored in dose to your activity; and as it has delivered to so many of our endurance athletes, Extreme Endurance can also take your fitness to the next level with its published, gold standard, third party, double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover study that proves its amazing performance and recovery capabilities.

Athletes from various sports value Xendurance's all natural, drug-free product approach, which maximizes the athlete's endurance performance by improving both aerobic and lactic acid threshold.

Our team at Xendurance is thrilled to help our champion athletes prepare, perform, and recover during their more difficult training and competition. With Extreme Endurance, athletes may become the best that they have trained to be by permitting them to workout harder and faster while Extreme Endurance reduces the muscle burn and then speeds recovery outside their training.

Extreme Endurance Advantages:

  • Clinically Proven to Reduce Lactic Acid by 15%
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Improve Aerobic Threshold by Double Digits
  • Benefits Within 72 Hours
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness
  • Certified Drug-Free

For anyone who pushes through training or competition in any sport, Xendurance is definitely a nutritional supplement that is well worth a look.


Posted By: Rodney Bowen

Regardless of your sport or method of training, studies prove that by using Extreme Endurance, you will dramatically decrease muscle damage and trauma, along with decreased muscle soreness and muscle burn. Results that lead any athlete to quicker recovery times and an increase in performance levels. Prove it to yourself. Order at

Posted By: Rodney Bowen

Xendurance_the new standard in scientifically proven supplementation
In a crowded supplementation marketplace where hype seems to drive much awareness, the Xendurance team is so very thankful to provide scientifically proven products that genuinely help athletes achieve their fitness goals.

Additional thanks to these Xendurance friends, who eagerly share such positive and impactful results with their communities:

"In our seemingly never-ending search for the best supplements to carry at CrossFit Hillcrest, we ran into this company: Xendurance. What I like about it: lots of science-backed research of it's products, very clean ingredient list, wide variety of products so you can tailor your supplement mix to what you are actually doing on a day-to-day basis, and a VERY informative website that explains what to take, when to take it and (most importantly) WHY to take it.

We don't push retail products, but we want to make them available to you [our box athletes]– along with the knowledge of how to effectively use them. And we want to make sure they are the best and most affordable available."

Xendurance products are used daily by 2014 CrossFit Games Champ Camille Leblanc Bazinet.
Whenever edge against your competition counts, @xendurance provides!
Check out the clinically proven formula Extreme Xendurance, set to push your lactic acid barrier and improve your WOD times.

The WOD Life

@Xendurance the Immune Boost is great! I haven't been sick since I started taking it. The protein is high quality and good too :)
Matt Russell

XENDURANCE PROTEIN is a proprietary protein sports blend of 18 amino acids containing Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Micellar Casein and Calcium Caseinate. This protein blend has been produced with cold process filtration that allows it to be in its most bio-available and digestible form. Maximizing absorption rate and utilization of protein is key to muscle recovery, which puts XENDURANCE PROTEIN in a league of its own.

XENDURANCE PROTEIN also contains 1500 mg of lactate, the body's preferred and most efficient fuel source over glycogen. This key muscle fuel helps you lower exercise induced body acid, allowing your body to recover faster. In addition, XENDURANCE PROTEIN contains the US Recommended Daily Value of vitamins B6, B12, D, along with 4255mg of BCAAs and essential • Post Training and Recovery

• Refuel with 1500 mg of Lactate (Natural Fuel)

• Helps Support New Lean Muscle Growth

• 100% US Recommended Daily Serving of Vitamins B6, B12 and D


• 18 Amino Acids

• Gluten Free - Hydrogenated Oil Free - Preservative Free - Trans Fat Free

• No RBGH and HFCS Free

Xendurance - Once You've Trained With It, You Won't Want To Train Without It!

• Reduce Lactic Acid.

• Improve Aerobic Capacity.

• Speeds Recovery.

• Reduces Muscle Soreness.

Posted By: Rodney Bowen

NEW! Xendurance CrossFit Gym Affiliate Program

Xendurance is thrilled to team up with local CrossFit Box owners in order to support them and their CrossFit athletes with the most scientifically advanced and natural nutritional supplements to improve endurance and performance.

As a CrossFit Box owner, you already have a lot on your mind to keep your business open for business. Xendurance is please to announced the release of our CrossFit Gym Affiliate Program that can provide your box hundreds; and in some cases, even thousands of dollars to your bottom line. With very little investment of your budgeted time, Xendurance is equipped to partner and provide approved affiliate members the opportunity to earn a solid and steady source of revenue while you continue to focus your business in helping your members achieve their fitness objectives while also reducing muscle soreness and pain that comes with improving athletic performance.

The Xendurance affiliate program is one of the most effective and lucrative ways for your Box to earn revenue. With access to our proven endurance products and best workout supplements, Xendurance's affiliate program provides your box a competitive wholesale discount that in turn delivers a great successful way for you to generate a new revenue stream for your affiliate as your CrossFit Box members purchase our proven family of products directly from your gym's store (physical or online).

Every product sale provides you new revenue!

Additional revenue streams are obviously enticing to any business owner, especially affiliates like you, who have invested so many resources into the operation of your gym. Working with Xendurance, you also an added value in the knowledge and experience that comes with our dedicated Xendurance representative who join you and your interested gym members, who desire to to learn more about the most appropriate and practical fitness decisions needed to enhance their training and improve their healthy and recovery when they use the Xendurance products.

Do you own or manage a gym or a CrossFit box?

Simply complete the form located on our affiliate wholesale program website page, and one of our dedicated representatives will be in contact with you in order to schedule an 'all day' at your affiliate to initiate the education with your athletes and members.

Contact us today
to learn more how Xendurance proven products are scientifically proven
to enhance and grow your members' athletic endurance and performance.

Posted By: Rodney Bowen

Xendurance is Proud to Support the Families of the Fallen HotShots
Xendurance is proud to sponsor the Third Annual Hotshots 19 Memorial WOD Honoring the 19 fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots.

You can also show your support by attending the memorial event in Prescott, Arizona, or host the workout locally on August 30th and donate online.

100% of the registration fees will directly benefit the two foundations:

Saturday, August 29, 2015 (8:30am – 4:30pm)

Captain CrossFit
420 N 6th Street
Prescott, AZ 86301

Six rounds for time:
30 Air Squats
19 Power cleans 135/95
7 Strict Pull-ups
Run 400 meters

45 minute time cap

The Annual Hotshots 19 Memorial WOD

The annual Hotshots 19 Memorial WOD honors the nineteen fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots while providing support to the families of those fallen heroes.

On June 30, 2013, nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots tragically lost their lives while fighting a fire in Yarnell, Arizona. The Yarnell Hill fire is considred the sixth deadliest American firefighter disaster and the deadliest ever in Arizona as it resulted in the highest wildland firefighter death toll in the United States since the 1993 Griffith Park Fire that killed 29 firefighters.

Ignited by lightning on June 28, 2013, the Yarnell Hill fire eventually overran and killed the 19 City of Prescott firefighters on June 30. All were members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite group among firefighters often called to respond to large, high-priority fires due to the firefighters' extensive training, high physical fitness standards, and ability to undertake difficult, dangerous and stressful assignments.

The fire was finally contained by July 10, 2013.

Please consider showing your support.

Posted By: Rodney Bowen
Thank you to the many Xendurance customers who continue to share information about our products with your communities. We feel privileged to be able to provide you the best workout supplements that are proven to positively impact your fitness goals.

Xendurance - the best part of waking up

alex.jaya This is what's starts off my morning every day....
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New Xendurance packaging has arrived!
corynichatee Is it tomorrow yet?
gotta say I'm super excited to try @xendurance new protein!!
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New product packaging from Xendurance looks GREAT!
mebmoseley Xendurance delivery day! I love the new packaging.
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We love the new Xendurance Fuel 5!
nani_palma Saturday fitness done with these peeps...Took some Fuel 5 pre-wod,
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Best part of waking up is Xendurance!
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This is one strong and happy Xendurance user!
Did you know that your body needs 20 grams of creatine for maximal strength, concentration,
recovery, and endurance? Good news: your body produces about 10 grams for you each day!

Bad news: you have to eat 5 pounds of red meat to get 10 grams of creatine.

So thankful for strongman @cfspencerm and his team at @xendurance for providing me
and my community @crossfithorsepower & @crossfithermosa with the finest quality Creatine on earth.
Tiny scoop in the morning and night and I'm good.
...the protein which is awesome too! #fitness #nutrition #creatine #xendurance #crossfit #reebok #strong

Thrilled to provide the proven Xendurance workout supplements to our Box's athletes
crossfit_aruba Xendurance provides sports supplements to improve an athlete's performance,
health and pH balance. Ask for Extreme Xecute protein, Creatine JB and Extreme Endurance
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Posted By: Rodney Bowen
The Xendurance team is thrilled to provide a high standard of quality products to help athletes like you improve your endurance and performance levels.

Curating various points of conversation within our Xendurance Instagram community, we want to share the below social proof how our new standard of products is helping so many athletes like you.

Xendurnce instagram

Xendurane_Extreme Endurance
Improve aerobic threshold, Speed recovery, Lower CK levels, Buffer the production of H+ (hydrogen ions)
and prevent acid buildup in your muscles during training. PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT IN 72 HRS..
Published, Gold Standard, Third Party, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study,
on the finished product. #gamechanger #newPR order at

curtdoug85 @xendurance I use you ex endurance tablets all the time quality product…
ameliasaustin My favorite stuff! Can't go a day without it
sandlen13 I love That product
bruddahmogli Stuff is awesome. Helps an older guy like me recover quicker and keep up with the young pups at the box.
franrunslong These tablets are working for me! Working on trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
mkejaggernut best stuff ever!!!
frango77 My favorite recovery product
tonykelleymma Awesome stuff guys!
tinkkercf00 4 days on this and I love it so far!!!!!!
tkeplinger39 Just ordered some of this a few days ago, can't wait for it to come in!

Creatine-JB (Josh Bridges)
Taking Creatine-JB even in the short term, significantly improves maximal strength and endurance.
It also results in improved concentration, higher endurance in training and faster recovery. #CreatineJB

realchrisrosa this stuff is the bomb

okayitsmattyho hi! I've been on this product for over a year.
I can tell you the best decision I've made in CrossFit is
dedicate myself to their products. They have been
a game changer for me. I highly recommend
the Creatine-JB.

motown304 Stuff works great!!!

Posted By: Rodney Bowen
Spectators as well as fellow athletes marvel at the physical skill and talents of their champions. Supreme athletes who have invested themselves into the complete physical, mental and emotional development needed to excel and achieve such awards.

We are honored to recognize these recent champions within the Xendurance family of athletes.

Michael Moseley

Michael Moseley - 2015 CrossFit Games
Michael comments: "I'd like to thank Xendurance for providing me with the supplements
necessary to perform at my best. They believed in me before I qualified for my first CrossFit
Games Masters Division 40-44 in 2013 and were an integral part of me winning the title that year.

Thanks to their products I have continued to qualify for and compete in the CrossFit
Games Masters Division 40-44 for the last 3 years. The best part is that I have been able to do
this while being a full time deputy sheriff, an affiliate owner, a father of two children,
and a husband to my high school sweet heart.

Xendurance changed the game for me when I started taking their products just over 3 years ago.

Keep up the great work, your product is second to none!
Products taken:
Extreme Endurance
Fuel 5
Creatine JB
Extreme Joint4"

Yvonne van Vlerken

Yvonne van Vierken wins IRONMAN Maastricht-Limburg
Xendurance athlete Yvonne van Vlerken wins IRONMAN Maastricht-Limburg.

Jordan McNamara & Mac Fleet

Xendurance athletes Jordan McNamara and Mac Fleet go one, two at the Liberty Mile.
Xendurance athletes Jordan McNamara and Mac Fleet go one, two at the Liberty Mile.
Jordan set the course record in a time of 3:58.5

Posted By: Rodney Bowen

Extreme Endurance Affects on Creatine Kinase (CK) Levels in Cross Functional Athletes, Military Warfighters and Firefighters

Rhabdomyolosis (Rhabdo) is an increasingly, alarming topic among the cross functional community, the military war fighters and firefighters. While this topic is not new to the military war fighters and firefighters, Rhabdo is taking the cross functional community by surprise.

Unlike the day-to-day occupational hazards the military war fighters and firefighters face, this unique of training has many cross functional athletes discussing the possible repercussions that come with it, namely Rhabdo.

According to WebMD, Rhabdomyolysis is a serious syndrome due to a direct or indirect muscle injury that results from the death of muscle fibers. The breakdown of muscle tissues results in damaged cells releasing into the bloodstream. Myoglobin, a toxic protein released by these cells, is harmful to the kidneys when released in large quantities and can lead to permanent kidney damage, or even kidney failure that occurs when the kidneys are not able to remove the waste and concentrated urine.

Rhabdo is often diagnosed by measuring an enzyme released into the blood by damaged muscle tissue, creatine kinase (CK). It is not abnormal to see CK levels rise above 100,000 U/I in Rhabdo cases.

With the growth of the cross functional sports communities, how can this condition be prevented?

A scientific study on this dangerous medical condition was recently completed and the results of the study were astonishing.

In 2007, an independent third party conducted a scientific study on a product formulated for the athletic community by Xendurance. The product is an all natural sports supplement called Extreme Endurance.

This study showed after just a 10 day use of Extreme Endurance, athletes reduced their lactic acid by 15% and increased their aerobic threshold by double digits. The athletes also reported less muscle soreness and had quicker recoveries. The results of the study and several other studies, along with the recent media attention with Rhabdo, led Xendurance to a hypotheses. Xendurance believed Extreme Endurance could lower CK levels. To prove these assumptions, in January 2014, a scientist named Jurgen Sessner conducted another test on Extreme Endurance. In this Open label test, changes in CK levels were tested after a 7-day supplementation period on Extreme Endurance. A group of 31 cross functional athletes, both men and women, ranging in age (from 20 to 48) were chosen for the study. Prior to participating, all athletes who were using Extreme Endurance underwent a 2-week washout period. All the athletes were required to perform "Fran" twice over the course of an 8-day period. On the first test day, athletes completed "Fran". "Fran" is one of the best known workouts among cross functional athletes. Fran is a back-to-back exercise of a 21-15-9 repetition scheme of front squats thrusters and pull-ups. Due to the metabolic efficiencies needed to complete "Fran" and the physiological response that it elicits, Xendurance once again chose this epic workout for this CK study. After completing the first "Fran" workout, each athlete received their 7-day trial of Extreme Endurance. They were instructed to take a dosage of 3 tablets in the morning, and 3 in the evening, while keeping their current diet and training schedule unchanged. On day 8, the participants returned to complete the second test. On each testing day, CK levels were tested via blood taken from the index finger and analyzed by a Reflotron Plus System (37°C) immediately pre and post "Fran".

To place Fran in perspective, the increased CK levels associated with Fran could be equivalent to the CK levels a firefighter may experience on the front lines fighting a fire or a Military Warfighter on a 10 mile trek with full equipment. All three events have the ability to increase your CK level.


Upon analysis of the data, the results showed that after a 7-day supplementation period on Extreme Endurance, a decrease by an average of 16.9% (33.1 U/I) in CK levels pre-workout and a 63.55% (32.6 U/I) decrease in CK levels after completing Fran were recorded. In addition, none of the athletes who participated recorded CK levels that would indicate the onset of Rhabdo. 29 of 31 athletes performed better in the second workout with an average of 8.55% or 32 seconds faster.

A clearly recognizable lowering of beginning CK levels were evident before the second workout. As noted, the results showed a lower entry of 16.9% or 33.1 U/I.

After completing the second workout, the data showed additional reduction of CK levels of 63.55% or 32.6 U/I. And 29 of 31 athletes performed better in the second workout with an average of 8.55% or 32 seconds faster, all 31 athletes reported a quicker recovery and less muscle soreness.


By looking at the results from this open label test, it can be concluded that Extreme Endurance is affective in decreasing muscle trauma and decreasing recovery time as indicated by lower CK levels. This means less cell damage, safer training, and a quicker recovery and allows more training load in both short and long term.

Through the use of proper supplementation like Xendurance's EXTREME ENDURANCE, military war fighters, firefighters and cross functional trained athletes can now be able to reduce the chances of acquiring Rhabdo at the same time.

Read the STUDY:

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