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Company Initiative

As an endurance athlete and former college football player, I found myself bobsledding in Europe and representing the US in competitions from Innsbruck, Austria, St. Moritz, Switzerland to Oberhof, East Germany. There was one thing I found missing in Europe and that was high-quality, nutritional supplements that were readily available to the athletes.

All of our European bobsledding friends asked us to bring vitamins and nutritional supplements from the US on our trips overseas. We in return, asked to train with them so we could learn from the best bobsledders in the world.

This friendly exchange of nutritional product knowledge and athletic bobsled knowledge started the search for the perfect sports supplements.
As an endurance athlete, with over 40 years experience in strength and conditioning; training not only myself but Olympic Champions, World Champions, a Track World Record Holder and a Collegiate World Series National Championship Team, I was always trying to maximize training and increase performance. Nutrition was a very big part of this. We were constantly challenging ourselves and others to “Do More". We wanted everyone to win!

My goal with Xendurance was to build scientifically based product formulas that contained the purest, most bioavailable ingredients and deliver them into the body where they can be properly absorbed. You see it's not what you and I eat, it's what nutritional elements our bodies absorb and utilize that help keep us healthy.

At Xendurance, we have always taken great care and pride in the selection of raw ingredients for our formulas. I never got into my bobsled without spending hours polishing and fine tuning the runners because I knew that every hundredth of a second down the run counted. Raw ingredients and the quality found in our products are a little like my runners. They are the best and must be the best to maximize your body's potential health benefits.

With the goal of helping improve every athlete's performance, we developed our first sports product called Extreme Endurance.

Extreme Endurance is like no other product in the world. Extreme Endurance has a published, Gold Standard, third party, double-blind, placebo controlled, clinical study that has been tested and certified for banned substances (drug-free) by the world renown sports lab, LGC. We feel we have won the Gold Medal for all athletes with this product!

Our manufacturing facilities are NSF International Certified, which means they conform to the highest industry standards, from extensive testing to continuous plant inspections. NSF Certification, (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practice Registration and Certified ISO/17025, drug-free testing ensures the absence of any banned substance that is prohibited by sports organizations such as those listed below.
  • (WADA) World Anti-Doping Agency
  • (IOC) International Olympic Committee
  • (NCAA) National Collegiate Athletic Association
  • (NFL) National Football League
  • (MLB) Major League Baseball
  • (NBA) National Basketball Association
  • (NHL) National Hockey League
We are very proud to say that Xendurance products have been giving elite athletes, pro-athletes and “weekend warriors" that extra edge in training and competition around the world. It is a great feeling to give back to sport with products backed by proven science – and I truly wish these formulas had been around for me when I was competing!

The “X Factor" in sports for me has always been to Do More and to come out on top. With our growing line of sports nutrition products, our motto is, “We Want You To Win!"


Sandy Kellin
Managing Partner
Lifespan International US.